hello world!

It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m a web developer based in British Columbia, Canada. I have over 15 years of experience working in both front-end and back-end environments. I also maintain Linux systems.

The hosting platform where this site resides and, by extension, this site serve primary as a sandbox environment where I can get my hands dirty fiddling with various doodads and emerging technologies. I’ve come to be quite busy in both my personal and professional life so updates may be few and far between.

You’re welcome to head over to the news page to see if there’s anything new. Chances are that you will simply find a wall of stale dated content.

Pages and other content on this site come and go and I please. Sometimes I’ll wipe the whole thing off of the face of the internet, other times it will just sit dormant until I replace it with a new CMS altogether. Good luck!