Just playing around

The general viewing masses that frequent this site will undoubtedly have noticed that the latest round of updates have come with a revamp of the front-end.

Twenty Seventeen is the new default WordPress theme that comes with all new installs. It comes with a few fun features including, most importantly, a switch from traditional font based icons with a purely SVG based solution.

The theme comes with what I can only describe as a traditional “sprite sheet” of SVG glyphs which are injected into the bottom of the page and then called upon as needed.

Unfortunately the default deployment is limited to those icons that come with the sheet. Rather than inserting additional icons via separate SVG files, I’ve decided the extend the functionality and allow for the injection of new symbols to the sheet.

Obviously it’s just a bit of unnecessary leg work, but I wanted to flex my brain muscle and take an alternative approach to the solution.

You’ll see the results in the form of a “PayPal” button in the footer of this page.