There isn’t too much to say, really. I’m pretty much just a typical guy doing his best to navigate life while trying to maintain a sane balance between professional work and personal life.

I’m a husband and devoted father. My wife and I have two happy healthy young children kids. Most of everything I do centers around providing us and making sure we are all happy. Family is precious, please don’t take it for granted.

My foray in development and administration started as early as 1998 when a still fledgling World Wide Web piqued my interest. Google was just establishing its foundations the web technology was a bit of a mess.

Over the years I’ve grown with the web and witnessed my fair share of successes as well as failures. Somehow we’ve all persevered and that brings us to today.

I try my best to stay on top of emerging trends and technologies, fully aware that some will thrive while others may flounder, vanishing with nary a whimper. That’s just evolution.